This year our silent auction will be online and available for bidding from your smartphone during the carnival!
The auction will close on Saturday, September 8th at 6:45 pm. 

Start bidding by clicking on the item catalog on the left of the homepage. Check your bids throughout the days of the carnival on your phone, computer, or iPad, get text outbid notifications and win those items!

Mobile Bidding Guidelines:

If you are bidding prior to The St. Jude Carnival, click Sign In or if you are new to our system, click Register Now and complete registration. You can bid,  even if you can't attend by registering.  

If you are attending The St. Jude Carnival,click on the link within the text message you received.  This will log you in automatically to your own personal bidding center.
Personal Bidding Center

View All:  See all auction items
Categories: Browse items by category
My Items: Items you have bid on or are “watching”
Donate: Make a tax-deductible donation to Tulsa Boys’ Home
Sponsors: Information on generous Run for the Roses sponsors
Items Without Bids: List items without bids
Item # or Keyword: Enter the item name or number and hit “Go,” this will take you to the item page to place a bid
Now Let’s Bid!

Bid: Automatically enters the next minimum bid amount, you will be asked by pop-up screen to confirm your bid
Change Bid Amount:  You can manually enter any amount that is greater than the “next bid”
Set Maximum Bid: So that you don’t risk getting outbid at the last minute, everyone is encouraged to set a max bid. Your bid will automatically rise by a pre-determined increment until your maximum bid has been met or the Online Auction ends.
Watch Items:  Adds items to your “My Items” list for easy future reference